This is the highest paying sport in the world

We all know sports pays highly, right? This is if course mostly true for the supper talented athletes who have been known to break record barriers in their respective sport. Before we get right into the top paying sport in the world, let’s first take a look at the two that come close by. Don’t worry we like to tease.


#3 Golf

Tiger Woods, a legend in golf and undoubtedly one of the most accomplished athletes in the sporting world still holds the record book as the athlete with the most first place rankings in the Forbes list of Richest Players. It’s eleven for anyone keeping count. He topped the Forbes list between 2002 and 2011, and was back on the top in 2013earning an average of $89 million per year throughout his reign.


#2 Boxing

Who ever thought you could make it to the Forbs list of wealthiest athletes through outpunching your opponent? Well, it has been done more than twice. Boxing is undoubtedly on the list of most dangerous sports in the world but also makes it to the list as one of the highest paying sport. Most of the revenue is generated from Pay-Per-View commissions as well as global betting and endorsements. Mike Tyson, a legend in the sport topped the Forbes list of Richest Players in 1991 and 1996 earning an average of $51million during the two stints at the top. Tyson’s nemesis Evander Holyfield achieved the fit in 1992 with an earning $60 million. Most recently, Floyd (Money) Mayweather topped the Forbes list in 2012 and 2014 with average earnings of $95 million.


#1 Basketball

The NBA tops our list as the highest paying sport in the world. Basketball is characterized by high salaries received by players as well as millions of dollars earned from endorsements by big brands. Basketball legend Michael Jordan toped the Forbes list of Richest Players between 1992 and 1995, and again in 1997 and 1998 earning an average of $49 million per year during his reign. Shaquille O’Neal, another legend, achieved the 6thplace in 1993 and 2nd place in 1994 earning an average of $16 million annually.

The most important point to note is that is as much as athletics pays, you have to put in the work. All these athletes who have made it to the Forbes list agree with the sentiment “no pain no gain”. Their fame and fortune came from pure hard work, determination and of course talent. Sports is definitely a career option if you want to make it big in life but highly competitive therefore you must be exceptional in order to stand out.