4 top sports to bet on in 2018

If you are here then it means you enjoy the thrill of sports betting. As a fan, you are not just enjoying your sport of choice, you also have a stake in the game. A win for your team is a win for your wallet. So, are you thinking about where you will find the better odds, bet and win big in 2018? We have identified these four promising sports which offer good promise, more stakes and stronger odds. Check them out.


#1 Baseball

Baseball is a sport that is very popular in the United States of America and the epitome of American culture according to sports pundits. The sport has just over 2 million participants within the USA attracting a significantly high viewership both in America and beyond. Baseball players are also considered as some of the highest paid athletes in the world as this highly competitive sport that attracts so much passion, attracts numerous endorsements as well. The competitive nature of this sport, the fan loyalty and its high stakes, makes it an attractive sports betting venture.


#2 Ice Hockey

Ice hockey is equally fast paced, supper physical and somewhat violent owing to the hard tackling that characterizes the sport. Its popularity in the USA, Canada and Russia which are powerhouses in the sport means it attracts millions of audiences and this increases the stakes if you know what drives sports betting. This is definitely a sport you should keep your eyes and money on in 2018.


#3 Tennis

Tennis has been mooted as one of the most popular recreational sports globally. With various tournaments organized all year round and not many surprises in terms of the results. What I mean is as long as you understand your tennis players, their global ranking, and their strengths whether on a clay court or on a grass court you can almost certainly predict who the winner of a tournament will be. This element of predictability makes it one of the safest sport for sports betting.


#4 Soccer

When it comes to soccer, the English Premier League which is currently the most popular and most funded soccer league in the world has attracted sports betting enthusiasts world over. Millions of dollars are being invested by other teams from competing leagues in Europe so that they can catch up to their English counterparts. This rush to strengthen squads has raised the stakes on sports betting for soccer enthusiasts. Be sure to keep up with the trends across the different soccer leagues across Europe, the USA and South America, and you are bound to win big in 2018.